Helping Young Children with Steady Beat

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Written by Ros Bayley and Lynn Broadbent, this best-selling anthology of over 30 rhymes and jingles will help young children develop beat competency. Keeping a steady beat and being aware of rhythm undoubtedly has a positive impact on both gross and fine motor skills and builds a strong foundation for early literacy.

Designed for use alongside Beat Baby Plus and Beat Baby Original which encourage emotional engagement, the children wake up their sleeping Beat Baby with a rhyme or song. With rhymes at three levels of difficulty, the fast and fun raps will help to develop essential language, listening and memory skills, attention and concentration, physical skills and phonological awareness. 46 pages, A4.

An audio CD featuring ten of the most popular Steady Beat Songs from this book is also available.

1 review for Helping Young Children with Steady Beat

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    “I first read about this book in a magazine and have attended training courses led by Ros Bayley which were inspiring. The children in my class love Beat Baby and the rhymes in the book. Since introducing steady beat work to my classroom I have seen a vast improvement in the children’s listening skills and would recommend this book to all early years teachers.”

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